I am Hin, I am user central focus designer.

I design physical and digital products.

Base in Glasgow now

I work on all kinds of projects; some self-directed and some for companies I work for (like  BANDAI, FEISH DESIGN, TENCENT…) For new projects and collaborations, please get in touch .


Design Innovation / Research

HOW MIGHT WE engage more people from Glasgow Easrerhouse people? What we find in previous research, easter house has good community projects which tackling the local’s isolated problem. However, we realized that some people still not engage will the community, the one conclusion we made is that they are not interested in the project that provides. So we design a pop-up community gardening event for people to easily drop-in any time they want.

Arena of Valor Gamers housekeeper

Product Design

This is a Arena of Valor gamers housekeeper (famous mobile game in china).The robot use multi-steering and AI intelligent voice technology to make the robot more vivid. The housekeeper assist the player in their basic life,like planing schedule and carries on the game instruction. This product cannot be released for some reasons.

Suger Partner

System / Interaction

Sugar partner is a service system that helps diabetics in the office manage their glycemic index.The whole system is include three parts. monitoring the glucose, diet and exercise to help young diabetes patients who work in the office to manage blood glucose.

AB3102 Mini Water Flosser

concept product design

Mini Water Flosser was designed for people with on-the-go oral care needs. We designed a completely new aesthetic for the water flosser. The organic curved outline of the product is easy to grasp even for children, and the round edges and elegant simplicity makes the product look more friendly and stylish than its professional counterparts. Its compact size makes it ideal to carry around to different occasions, allowing users to cleanse their mouth after every meal much more efficiently than traditional flossing.

Reduce The Shared Kitchen Food Waste

Design Sprint

This is a design sprint project that let us from problem define to solution testing in one week. There a two min solution we find out. The first one is the share food zone , the other one is food calender.

Power Bounce

concept product design

Power Bounce is the re-design of trail running shoes. There is a serious knee injury problems of trail runners when they trailing , to reduces the joint pain problem Power Bounce can absorber a part of force through the special cushioning system, also the design reduceing the muscle pressure and creates new running experience for runners.

Fresh Inspector

System / Interaction

With the gradual improvement of living standards, people’s awareness of food safety from daily-bought raw materials is also growing. Fresh inspector is committed to helping consumers in daily life to choose safe, fresh raw materials and food products. The establishment of user app provides a platform of community exchange on food safety.

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